About Us

Cabana Blockchain is a privately-owned stealth startup company that develops IoT devices which use a blockchain.

We started as an idea and a simple proof of concept. Then we were acquired and relocated to San Francisco, right in Silicon Valley. We employ creative problem solvers to work in our office and to work remotely from anywhere around the world.

Our Mission

There are many problems current IoT devices on the market face that we wish to solve. Using our own blockchain technology helps us achieve this.

Above all else, we value our customer’s privacy and security because a home is the most intimate place a person can be. We are a hardware company, looking to develop and sell hardware. This means that we don’t collect or store data about our customers. Our devices are designed to operate without storing customer data on our servers.

We believe that we can succeed without harvesting our customer’s data because our hardware will succeed. Each one of our devices is the result of clever engineering and fine craftsmanship. We never plan for obsolescence and the quality and testing of our products ensures that they will operate for a very long time.

The functionality of our devices is not dependent on the existence of Cabana Blockchain. Our devices will continue to operate even if we go out of business.