Our Devices

Cabana Blockchain develops blockchain-enabled IoT devices to be installed permanently in smart homes.

Our devices solve many problems common to households. They add convenience and peace of mind to your daily life without being obstructive to your routine. Features of our devices include home automation, telemetry, remote control, utilities, and security.

Each of our seperate hardware devices does exactly one thing, and does it well. Devices are completely modular and can be combined together to help create your ideal smart home.

Devices communicate through our private blockchain. This technology enables communication between devices under one roof, between devices and our customers, and between devices belonging to different smart homes in some applications. At the lowest level, our devices take input from and report back to the blockchain as a universal interface.

Our devices are high quality and are designed to last for many years without having to be serviced or replaced. We test our devices to high standards in different environments and use cases. We will never practice planned obsolescence, or design our products to fail.

Our unique use of blockchain technology allows all of our devices to operate without dependence on Cabana Blockchain. If we were to go out of business, the devices in your home would continue to operate as they are designed. Customer data is never sent to our servers.

Our devices try to go unnoticed. You won’t be bothered by unnecessary notifications or alerts, unless you want them. You won’t have to read through a huge amount of data to check the status, unless you enable that.